TBR Alphabet Tag

TBR Alphabet Tag

Well, a book tag after ages. I didn't realise this tag would be so hard when reading it over at Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books quite some time back. The moment I started thinking about my list, my mind went blank as if I don't even know what books are! Nonetheless, I have put together books from [...]

Tag | Rapid Fire Book Tag

Hello everyone! Today I have the Rapid Fire Book Tag for you. I found this extremely simple tag on Perfectly Tolerable's blog post. Head over to the hyperlink to read her answers. The idea behind this tag to answer in brevity. I hope I manage to express myself. Here it goes. E-book or physical book? [...]

Tag | TBR Book Tag

Greetings bookworms! Another tag for you! Today I am doing the TBR Book Tag because my life is all about TBRs. I came across this super fun tag in one of the posts by Rachael @ Beach Bookworm. She did some interesting tags in the month of January so make sure you check out her blog. The original creator [...]