New Year Resolutions| 2018

Do you believe in new year resolutions?  Well, I ardently do. Every year I sit down and write down the things which I think could have been better. Then, instead of setting some unrealistic goals which are forgotten moments after they are made, I write down some achievable resolutions to make myself a better version than the past year. Not that I am expert in fulfilling everything on the list but I don’t leave any stone unturned while trying to fulfill them.

  • Reading Resolutions:
  1. I’m sure we all have a genre we haven’t touched yet. For me it’s non-fiction. Starting this month, I am going to incorporate non-fiction books into my monthly TBR. I am thinking of reading a non-fiction each month so as to come out of my comfort zone and explore other writings.
  2. I am Brontë obsessed classics lover. A deeper analysis of my contemporary reads vs classics would reveal that classics outweighs contemporary big time. Well, this is surely going to change in this year. I am going to start my year with a contemporary text and would finish the books that won accolades in 2017 which would count for my Beat The Backlist challenge as well.
  3. Cross-cultural novels not only acquaints us with a diverse perspective but also lets us travel to distant corners of the world within a few pages. Having read Kafka on the Shore, a Japanese classic in 2017, I came to know about the Japanese way of doing things. So, I want to read more and more works of Russian and African literature this year.
  • Blogging Resolutions:
  1. The prime reason for starting Book & Corner is to encourage people to read more and engage in bookish conversations. Therefore, this year I am going to focus on doing informative posts on reading habits to grow the reader in me as well as others.
  2. One of my resolutions is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, not limiting myself to book reviews, I am going to expand my horizon and write food & lifestyle related posts which I think would be helpful to many people on some level.
  • Lifestyle & Miscellaneous Resolutions:
  1. Go back to classical dancing.
  2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right.
  3. Reads 48 books this year. Goodreads makes my life easy by keeping a track of my reading progress.
  4. Host giveaways on the blog as well as on Instagram. This is just a way of giving back the love I have received so far.

That’s all for today. I am hoping to strike each and everything off this list. Let me know in the comments if you have any resolutions.

Happy Reading!

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